This includes police academy training.

Pay is competitive for Franklin County, with an increase to $62,712.00 upon successful completion of the police academy.  At the end of the current bargaining agreement, a new officer will start at $66,123.


  • Comprehensive Health | Dental | Vision Insurance
  • Paid time off
  • 12-hour schedule with every other weekend off – WORK 2 WEEKS A MONTH!
  • Overtime availability
  • Compensatory time availability
  • Longevity pay
  • Military Leave (not to exceed 15 days per calendar year)
  • Tuition reimbursement for bachelor’s and master’s degrees (must be in related field)
  • Pension – vest in 12 years
  • Optional retirement plans available
  • Life Insurance and Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance – Provided and paid for by the Borough of Chambersburg

Vocational Training

This includes training that is conducted outside of the Borough operations such as conferences, seminars, and schooling other than correspondence, high school, vo-tech or continuing education and degree college courses. Upon approval the Borough shall pay the entire cost of the approved vocational training attended and successfully completed including leave with pay, registration, lodging, meals, transportation and training materials. In general, no more than one national conference plus a reasonable number of regional and state conferences may be authorized in any one calendar year.

Tuition Assistance

This includes education conducted outside of the Borough operation including correspondence, high school, vo-tech and continuing education and degree college courses. The Borough shall only pay the cost of the tuition for such schooling successfully completed (including a Grade of B- or better; or passing for classes that are pass-fail). The Borough shall not be responsible for other general education fees and charges unless approved in advance by the Borough Manager.

The training and education must be related to the employee’s present position.